the CRO&ITALY product!

The Cooperative Association of Students CRO&ITALY, established between Italian and Croatian students, produces a system called &mpulse for detecting the presence of students at school, in extracurricular activities in the afternoon. This system comprehends a sort of scanner and  a pleasant and comfortable  bracelet, instead of a detecting card.
The product, implemented  by the Italian students, has not reached the end of his realization yet, but  the semi-prototype obtained, is perfectly working. Through a special bracelet, when the student passes before a scanner, the system automatically logs the presence from  the  student’s code. It sends the data to the database, from where they can be downloaded, to be processed by a  specific application software. Moreover the bracelet should substitute the detecting cards in use to detect the presences at school in the morning.
This product is  the result of a team work, in which everybody  has contributed, by sharing the skills and knowledge in  the economic, informatics and in the graphic design field.

Materials and documents realized